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Computer Communication Review (CCR) is a publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM) and publishes articles on topics within the SIG's field of interest. CCR serves as a forum for interesting and novel ideas at an early stage in their development. The focus is on timely dissemination of new ideas that may help trigger additional investigations. While the innovation and timeliness are the major criteria for its acceptance, technical correctness (though not completeness) and readability will also be considered in the review process. We particularly encourage papers with early evaluation or feasibility studies.
Papers accepted for publication are printed in the CCR Newsletter and are also made available on-line through CCR Online and through the ACM Digital Library.
Detailed author instructions are available from Please check these instructions before submitting your paper.
Papers submitted until June 1st 2022 will be considered for the October 2022 issue of CCR.
Welcome to the SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (SIGCOMM CCR) submissions site. For general conference information, see


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Submission deadline: Friday 2 Jun 2023 6:59:59am EDT